Music (MP3)

This page represents some fragments of musical compositions (from more than two thousand), written by the Ural composer Konstantin V. Terentyev (Konstanter / Third Crystal). All this music has been played in various performances or has been officially published in another way, and is protected by Russian and international law. You can freely download it for acquaintance. If you enjoy it and you wish to hear more, email to the author. Thank you.


From performance "Mad day or..." / "Bezumnyjj Den' ili..." Music fragments to performance "Mad day or... " ("Figaro's Dance", "Holiday Dance", "Dance of the drunk Spaniard") director: M. Pazdnikov, choreographer: T.Vdovina, a premiere at Volhonka theater in 1999 6.1
Timid Violet Romance on V.S.Dedkov's verses. Ilya Kovyazin sings. Premiere in the House of Scientists of Yekaterinburg - in 2009, on Radio Urals - in 2011 6.1
Apple Tree from play for children"Lived-Were" 0.7
Invisible Silence from fairy tale-game-fantasy "The Silver Handbell" 1.4
Tinka from theatral game for children "Burenka from Maslenkino" 1.1
The Fly from drama "Family Of The Ghoul" 1.0
Sunny Song from play for children "The Sunny Bunny" 0.8
In Memory Of Sparrow from play for children "Extraordinary adventures of Vovka Buratinov" 1.2
Way To The White Lily (1) public performance 0.7
Way To The White Lily (2) public performance 1.2
Tender Snowflakes from play for children"Lived-Were" 1.5
Dialog For One from theater play "Near Another Candles" 2.8
Distorted Love: Intro from theater play "Near Another Candles" 0.5
In motion present to one remarkable person :) (to Alexey Malygin) 2.1
Solitary Voyage written to Fab T.G. 1.4
Final silence around from theater play "Silver handbell" 2.4


(C) Copyright 1996-2008 by Konstantin V. Terentiev, All rights reserved